Curriculum Rationale

Rainbow Grammar School aims to provide the highest quality educational opportunities in:

  1. Literacy and numeracy skills.
  2. A broad and balanced range of knowledge, skills and understanding.
  3. The development of higher order and independent thinking skills.
  4. An enlightened awareness of Islam and tolerance of other religions
  5. Personal and social development.

Curriculum Framework

  1. Our knowledge and skill-based curriculum shares our own national context and the needs of our students.
  2. In keeping with international standards the teaching methodology encourages a student-centered approach, allowing children to play an active role in their own development.
  3. The curriculum is spiral in nature, in that the same concepts and skills will be taught at various times throughout the Classes, but with increasing levels of complexity and sophistication.
  4. The Core Subjects of English, Urdu, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Islamiyat are taught in all Classes from I-X.
  5. Non-Core subjects also taught in all Classes are: Ethics, Computer, Tajveed, Tafheem and a Library period.
  6. History/Geography taught in Class VI-VIII.
  7. Art/Crafts/Hobbies are taught in Classes P.G –V.
  8. Students are informed about the syllabus content for each subject at the start of each term.